Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Arnold Murray Bible Teaching Truth?

I've found some conflicts in some of Pastor Arnold Murray's Bible teaching.  Want to know what they are?

Don't get me wrong, I consider myself a devoted member of the Shepherds Chapel fellowship.
But if I just take everything Pastor Murray says without questioning it,
that means I haven't learned a thing.
That's exactly why I continue to be a student with Shepherds Chapel.
I like that Shepherds Chapel encourages you to "check it out for yourself".
The student and teacher will not always agree, and at times the student will catch the
teacher taking short cuts to make a point.  None of this voids the positive end result.

So, it should say a lot of someone who encourages you to "fact check" what they say.
Also, a good teacher will point out areas that are broadly disagreed on.  Allowing you
to study your way through to a conclusion of your own.

If your still waiting for me to tell you about Pastor Murray's "conflicts" you've missed the point.
And, if you've found no conflicts in Pastor Murray's teaching, you're not actually learning.


Matthew said...

I'm hung up on one topic of Arnold Murray's teaching. If the fallen angels came down to woman and had offspring that were giants, then why wasn't Cain a giant?

Unknown said...

I don't believe that is what was taught. Satan himself had relationship with Eve not one of the giants or other fallen angels. That might help explain. The serpent was none other than the darkest one.

jar said...

Cain may have been a giant maybe thats why he was able to overpower and kill abel.just a thought

Ruth1 said...

Good point. Cain may have been a giant. But whether he was or wasn't the fact remains that Satan was his father.