Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here's a Rare Arnold Murray Interview

Here's a Interview with Pastor Murray from 1986, notice how controversial his doctrine was then and still is now.  It's goes to show the famine of the end times isn't for bread, it's for hearing the Word of God.

Which Republican Candidate is the most "Christian"?

They all claim to be of "Christian Faith", but which one represents closest to your own?

Arnold Murray Bible Teaching Truth?

I've found some conflicts in some of Pastor Arnold Murray's Bible teaching.  Want to know what they are?

Don't get me wrong, I consider myself a devoted member of the Shepherds Chapel fellowship.
But if I just take everything Pastor Murray says without questioning it,
that means I haven't learned a thing.
That's exactly why I continue to be a student with Shepherds Chapel.
I like that Shepherds Chapel encourages you to "check it out for yourself".
The student and teacher will not always agree, and at times the student will catch the
teacher taking short cuts to make a point.  None of this voids the positive end result.

So, it should say a lot of someone who encourages you to "fact check" what they say.
Also, a good teacher will point out areas that are broadly disagreed on.  Allowing you
to study your way through to a conclusion of your own.

If your still waiting for me to tell you about Pastor Murray's "conflicts" you've missed the point.
And, if you've found no conflicts in Pastor Murray's teaching, you're not actually learning.

Mental Health and The Bible

I was pondering the trials of those with mental disabilities.  To a specific degree we are speaking of problems like depression, anxiety and neurosis. Many whom still have the ability to function in society.
I'm not talking about psychotic disorders, where even our legal system doesn't hold them  "accountable" because their physical impairment can make it impossible for them to distinguish right vs. wrong.

On the other hand, personality disorders, I believe, are greatly served to by our Christian faith and teachings.  Reversal or even symptomatic relief from these disorders has a fair prognosis even with
modern medicine if treated correctly and properly.  But with The Christian teachings from the scriptures and Jesus Christ we can even more serve God's children with disabilities.

Human behavior is complex.  Classification schemes are outdated and treatment has been centered on this classification system and not the individual.
Drugs are commonly prescribed to those with mood disorders, rather than reserved for the psychotic.

Old attitudes and beliefs systems about ourselves and the world around us, will not only be a
causal effect on our mental health, but will also "fuel the fire" to any biological disturbances, real or imagined.
At the heart of man's journey in life, our immortality sub consciously impacts our psychology.
Compound that with everything else life may throw at you, and you realize your foundation to health and
happiness rests at your very core.  Belief without belief, internal knowing.  These eternal blessings can come before or after being exposed to God's word, rightly divided.  The Bible, should be reminding you of things you already knew in you heart. And if they are unfamiliar, you my friend have some major reflection and soul searching to do.

Do You Study God's Word or Are You Just A Believer?

Pastor Murray converts people to Christianity by teaching the Bible, but more importantly he shows you how to study it yourself.  Unfortunately this is not the norm..Most pastors use charisma to convert people to Christianity.  "You can be happy and positive like me" coins the teaching style nicely.  Pastor Murray is old, Pastor Dennis is boring, but they have something that still propels their Church to record numbers.  They get you to READ your Bible.
And doing so, give you the power.

24 Hour Days In Genesis 1

The next time someone tells you the 7 day creation is literally seven 24 hour days, ask them
how God created the first 3 days, because it wasn't until the fourth day that God actually
created our 24 hour days.
Gen 1, 14-19. documents that perfectly.

Another Look at "Serpent Seed" Doctrine

"Serpent Seed" doctrine is not widely taught, and may be fairly exclusive to Shepherds Chapel.
If you study from a E.W. Bullinger's companion Bible, Serpent Seed doctrine is most certainly implied, but in Bullinger's footnotes and appendixes he never overtly states it.

One thing can be certain, the scriptures take great care to document "generations"  over thousands of years.  The Bible has as much "history" and "genealogy"  as actual sayings or teachings, if not more.
This is what makes the Bible so different- It presents itself as "real".
"Serpent Seed" doctrine, is the only one I 'm aware of that pays any thought to the Bible's special attention to succession and family lines.